Steve Palmer just posted some information about Vienna 2.6 BETA to the forums. Read the release notes and then go and download it here. Please note that this is unsupported pre-release software.

5 thoughts on “Vienna 2.6 BETA

  1. philostein says:

    Glad somebody’s keeping Vienna alive! Been using it for about 3 years, and it’s the best free reader in my opinion (even with no updates for the last 16 months).

  2. nojorobes says:

    A greeting and thank you very much for this program.

    Two requests:

    Can you put an option to do a full zoom (also images) and another to show / hide the sidebar (menu items)?

    This would be perfect.

    Thanks and sorry for my English.

  3. philostein says:

    WORD…besides the Fact that i actually live in vienna this program is so awesome that all it took was a few minutes to try it and I immediately dumped all the Other RSS readers i had tried over years and years of being unhappy with the one’s I had used so far!
    At this point thumbs up for the development team you guys did an Incredible Job in putting together a unique and great peace of software!

  4. TLizard says:

    Thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. I’ve been using the 2.6 BETA since nearly the moment you advertised its existence here on the Vienna web site. Maybe it doesn’t have all the features intended for it; maybe I don’t utilize everything it has to offer; but I find it to be very stable for my plain-vanilla usage. I have used it every day since installation — no crashes, no hiccups, absolutely no problems.

    I’m subscribed to the Vienna developer forum so I can track what’s going on. I am very pleased some Vienna fans, with the programming know-how, are working toward a new, “stable” version. I just hope they don’t write my architecture (PPC G4, OS X 10.5.8) out of the equation, like so many others have in the last year. Maybe it’s not considered “cost effective”, but fans are fans.

    Please keep Vienna going. I’ve paid for a licenses to other readers, but I find them a bit quirky, and do not like them as much as Vienna.

    Thank-you for Vienna!

  5. Ian says:

    I’d second philostein’s comments. I am coming back to Vienna after disappointment with various App Store downloads. I really appreciate having a good-quality RSS client that is _not_ dependent on Google Reader.

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