2.6 has been stable for a very, very long time – so I’ll just make it official 🙂 One small but handy thing that I added is a plugin for effortless sharing with Buffer. It’s a very useful service that has popped up between the beta release and now – check it out and have fun!

Vienna 2.6 supports user-creatable plugins

Click to download: Vienna 2.6

15 thoughts on “2.6 out of beta

  1. Ronald says:

    After downloaded, it says that it’s improperly signed and the installation stops!!

  2. fail says:

    Can’t use the built in updater in version, it says “the update is improperly signed.”

  3. That is rather weird – it worked on all our test machines. Please download it via the download link and just manually replace the old version with the new one. Your database is stored elsewhere, so all your data wil survive 🙂

  4. dirt farmer says:

    I can attest to the d/l problem. Console shows it as a Sparkle error.

    Also, I cannot view links in the internal Vienna browser (please see my post in the forum).

  5. Peter says:

    Just downloaded (currently using and after unzipping on my desktop this is what I see : http://i.imgur.com/ok1Ls.png

    I’m running 10.5.8 on an Intel iMac

  6. REB says:

    I too have been using 2.6 (beta) flawlessly since its release. The new 2.6 (stable) does not support OS X 10.5.8 PPC architecture. Thought it might, since the beta works so well. Any possibility of getting PPC capabilities back?

  7. TGB says:

    Running okay on mine, by manually downloading and copying over the top of the old.

    But, geesh… folder and message lists as 14 point font by default? I’ve fixed it on mine, but guys, WTH? Take a look at Apple Mail, Safari, Outlook, Cyberduck, Address Book, Twitter… their UI doesn’t default to that of the visually impaired.

  8. Michael H. says:

    I’ve been using Vienna since some months now. Return made Vienna show the article so far, since 2.6 it opens the article in the default browser. I don’t like this behavior. Now I have to double-click, Return was much easier and more “natural”. Can I change it? Can you change it?
    Besides that: Good work, thanks to all of you.

  9. erix says:

    Unfortunately, the behavior of opening a link in the internal browser changed and there is no way to set it in the preferences panes : now press -> open up the browser, not the internal one…
    Any way to redo the old behavior ?

  10. broken autoupdater says:

    Autoupdater doesn’t check OS support before updating – I’m on OS 10.5.8 and now I have a non-functional Vienna. Rollback to 2.5.1 was successful in fixing the problem from:

  11. confused says:

    How can I restore the behavior that articles are opened in new background tabs in Vienna instead of new windows of my system’s default browser?

    I can’t find an according setting and it is driving me nuts!

  12. Bernie says:

    Doesn’t Vienna 2.6 work on leopard (10.5.8)? After unpacking the archive I get the message “… can’t be used with this version of mac os x”. Sorry, but can’t find any system requirements on your webpage.

  13. Andrew says:

    Vienna RSS ist a good Reader, but on my System (10.7.2) the styles don’t work. These Option is without function, no matter which style is activated!

  14. Philo says:

    Thanks a bunch for this! It’s working great in 10.7.

    I love Vienna’s simple interface and the ability to navigate feeds effortlessly using the keyboard. With a bit of css/html hacking I made myself the perfect style too.

    Keep up the good work!

  15. Esther says:

    Hi! I downloaded threw this donwload link you send. Ben after downloading it says: You cannot use this version of the application Vienna-1 with this version of Mac OS X. Is there an other way?

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