Update Jan 1st, 2013 : Refers to Beta 8

Hello to the readers of this blog from Barijaona, a relatively recent contributor to Vienna’s code.

Vienna 3.0.0 Beta 8 is out ! Yes, there is a change in versions naming, but we are still speaking about the “product” some adventurous users have tried for a few weeks (and which has occasionnally burned their wings…).

Unfortunately, automatic update will not work for these users, as Github has stopped hosting binary files. I highly recommend them to manually download the new beta by following this link. The hosting is provided by SourceForge. Thanks to them for providing for years important parts of this project infrastructure !

I did not encounter problems with this version for weeks now, but less tech-savvy people should not forget that we are speaking about a beta : I cannot yet certify that it is as stable as 2.6.0. You have been warned : it’s a good idea to backup from time to time the Vienna folder in ~/Application Support.

Thanks to the contributions of Github user @dak180, we have reorganized the different files of the project and its build architecture. We hope it will encourage more people to have a peek on the code, to see what is under the hood !