Vienna is an RSS/Atom reader for macOS, packed with powerful features that help you make sense of the flood of information that is distributed via these formats today. The Vienna Project is continuously being improved and updated, so keep up to date with current development on our GitHub page.

Vienna is a native macOS open-source project published under the Apache Licence, version 2.0. It was started by Steve Palmer, aka stevepa and is currently in active development by Barijoana, Josh, and others. Many others have contributed immensely to this project, for details please download the application and load its “Acknowledgements”.

Companies which have supported the project include GitHub and SourceForge (who previously provided all our web-hosting).


The project’s git repository is hosted by GitHub. The easiest way to contact the developers is via GitHub issues or GitHub Discussions. For more on how to contribute to the project read this: Vienna Development.

Who uses Vienna?

Actual users are always hard to track, but to date Vienna has been downloaded over 450.000 times from Sourceforge’s servers alone. If you are responsible for one of those downloads: Thank you!


vienna-rss.com is hosted using GitHub pages.