The Vienna Dev Team is proud to announce the release of Vienna 2.5. Among other things, it adds extendability via a new plugin development API and fixes a small number of bugs. To be more precise, the new plugins make it extremely simple to extend Vienna with sharing capabilities that leverage social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Special thanks go to Curtis Faith, who contributed bug fixes for this release.

Vienna 2.5 supports user-creatable plugins

Click to download: Vienna 2.5


This release requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to run.</p>



  • User Interface refresh: Removed the grey headers, made the vertical divider easier to grab and made filtering more discoverable.
  • Added support for plugins.
  • Added support for search engine plugins and the ability to do web-searches from the toolbar.
  • Added support for blog editor plugins.
  • Added support for sharing plugins that work like bookmarklets for social websites.
  • Added support for script plugins.
  • Added Share With Facebook button.
  • Added Share With Evernote button.
  • Added Share With Twitter button with automatic URL shortening via
  • Added user contributed "Share with Delicious" plugin to the core distribution. Thanks to forum user czanderna.
  • Update to the current version of Sparkle, which prevents auto-updating to a version of Vienna which will not run on the user's system.
  • Fix bug where deleting a feed in Unified view mode would cause Vienna to stop working correctly.
  • Fix bug where changing the article font size would crash Vienna.
  • Fix bug that caused zombiefied update spinners (thanks to Curtis Faith).
  • Fix bug that caused the reading position to be lost upon refresh (thanks to Curtis Faith).