Vienna 3.2.0 is available in the different download sections (at Github, SourceForge and Bintray). I would like to especially thank Eitot and Joshua Pore for their tremendous contributions to this version.

A modernized code base

Some current users might be annoyed by Vienna 3.2’s requirement for OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or a more recent version.

The development team didn’t take lightly this decision, as we don’t like leaving any user behind.

Vienna has been there for 14 years now. This accumulation of experience is an asset, but in some areas it is also a liability: parts of the code are difficult to read and/or need modernization. Mavericks functionalities are seen by the current development team as the minimum base which will allow us to cleanup the code and start some much needed improvements, while keeping up with Apple’s own changes toward a more modern macOS.

Let’s just give an example : older versions of Vienna required use of Xcode for localizations, and the translation process was cumbersome and error prone. Now, thanks to Crowdin, it’s much easier for any user to contribute to improve Vienna’s translation in the language they use.

We hope we can fasten the development cycle of Vienna

We, as a development team, learned many things through working together from remote corners of the planet.

Unfortunately, the core of the team comprises only three persons (Josh, Eitot and myself) and none of us is in a position allowing him to work full time on Vienna. But we are convinced that, through a new organization, we will be able to deliver more frequently some new versions of Vienna, while maintaining a good level of quality.

We hope you will support us by testing our future beta versions.