We are happy and proud to announce that Vienna 3 is out !

This version is considered stable and is recommended to all users.
It requires OS X 10.6 or better, and benefits from some of the features of the newer versions of OS X.
It is Mac OS X Yosemite compatible.

Download link.

This is also an important day for us developers.  Recently, we were obliged to be relatively conservative, because we know the importance of Vienna for many users who use it daily : as an example, Vienna is currently the most popular project on SourceForge in category RSS. Version 2.6.0 was too old to maintain and we could not recommend it anymore, so we were obliged to encourage the use of betas.

We currently have many ideas for improving Vienna, but many of them require some radical changes and we could not introduce them before this new stable version was out. With the release of this 3.0.0 version, we are more free to venture into new territories. That means you can expect more significant changes in the future !

Summary of changes between Vienna and Vienna 3.0.0

- Syncing between multiple devices of your articles' read/unread and flagged/unflagged statuses is available through online services such as BazQux.com, FeedHQ.org, InoReader.com or TheOldReader.com.
Please, note that using these online services remains completely optional, and can be set on a per-feed basis. You can still manage all your feeds in Vienna only.
- Changed the Unified layout to allow actions on individual articles
- Renamed Report layout to "Horizontal", Condensed layout to "Vertical", as the previous names were confusing
- New plugins : Instapaper, Pocket, Safari reading list, Google Plus, Hootsuite
- New default style for articles and new optional styles
- Two new filters : "Last 48 hours" and "Unread or flagged"
- Improved accessibility
- Added a "Reindex Database" menu item (for maintenance)
- Many localization improvements
- Many, many bugfixes (and probably only a few new ones… ;-) )
- Modernized architecture (64 bits compatible, OS X Yosemite SDK, multithreading on refreshes)